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Hotel & Resort Booking

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Booking hotels is the important part for any trips, if you have booked best hotels your travel experience will be more memorable.  Most people see reviews of the hotels through the review sites; others ask their friends with whom they arranged the trip and the most intelligent will think that they will not book a package from the travel agent but book the hotels through different online vendors & book the taxi separately etc.


The biggest misconception we found amongst tourist is “If we book hotels directly, we will get best rates as compare to package booking”.This is totally wrong.It is always good to have a proper planning before proceed with your booking. 


Selection of Hotels
Most important thing is to select a hotel which is properly fit to own budget. There are different hotels available with same price but some hotels offer more facility


Location of Hotels
Location of a hotel in each place as important as money paid for the same. When traveling with family and kids, it is important to have the hotel centrally located. When staying near the beach or lake, a room with a view to the lake or sea view room is most desirable.


Identifying the cheapest Available price
Most people search for reviews in the trip adviser where prices comparison is also available. Most of them book the hotel immediately assuming that they got the cheapest price.


Advantage of Package Booking
Most people, when planning a trip , think that they will get a discounted price when book the room directly with the hotel. There are instances when the customer informing the hotel that they are calling directly so they should give maximum discount to the direct customer. A travel agent or an online hotel booking portal give a hotel bulk business touching up to 50 – 70 room nights every month. Accordingly these business houses / travel agents have a cheapest price available from the hotel. Hotel cannot survive without travel agent business. So the hotels ensures that travel agents and online portals have cheapest price available, though the direct guest also get a discounted price but cannot match the price available with the travel agents.